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Sharifa the Cheshire by GothGirl93
Sharifa the Cheshire
Got bored and decided to make a newer edit of my Cheshire Character. 
I sat up straight in my bed breathing heavy as dizziness started to take over my vision. I squeezed my eyes shut as the dizziness subsided. After a few more minutes I slowly open my eyes and look around my room. I pull the covers up to my mouth and saw no sign of life. I slowly slid off my bed wrapping my blanket around me and walking up to my single window. Looking out over the kingdom I watched the night sky with its calm and quietness. I stand there a bit longer before I walk away from my window and headed to my door. I slowly open it and walk out into the dark narrow hallway.

I slowly walk down the hall to the staircase and make my way down. Once at the bottom I continue down the hall and head towards the throne room and take a small corridor off to the right along a darkened hall. I finally reach a tall black iron door with skulls branded on it. I reach up to the skull shaped handle and lightly turn the handle and push open the door. I walk in and shut the door quietly and continue straight until I reach the end of a bed. I then climb up on the bed and crawl up towards the head looking for the body lying in it. I see the outline of the body in the dark getting closer before laying down next to it and snuggling close as my blanket remains tightly wrapped around my tiny body. I slowly begin to close my eyes as sleep engulfs me into the nightmares that I begin to welcome.

I wake up feeling feverish and uncomfortable. I look around the room slowly looking for the body that layed next to me all night. I did not see him anywhere and slowly I got up feeling very drowsy. I leave the room swaying lightly before I reach the throne room. Before heading out I straighten myself up and look as I always do and force myself to grin. I then skip out into the main area as I spot who I was seeking. I continue onward and look at him grinning. "My my why did you leave the warmth of our bed my darling Cannie?" I say in a sweet loud voice as he slowly lifts his head staring at me with a calm and composed face.

"What did you need?" he asked as if I said nothing.

"Oh come come now no need to act so shy. You are mine after all." I grin more as I look around the room at the others.

Instead of answering me he looked back towards his work. I smiled lightly and began to walk away. Turning back lightly smiling wider at him. "Well since you wanna be that way I will go find a play toy." I look away as I allow pain to replace the smile I held. Each step I took became more painful and my vision started clouding over. 'No I can't fall here. I will make him worry.' I took a few more steps and finally my body surrendered to sleep and I collapsed on the stone floor. Then last thing I heard was the sound of a slow heartbeat and a faint whisper of my name being called and then I succumbed to the darkness.

I become faintly conscious of my surroundings and realize I was placed in my room again and that he wasn't here. I get up and fell from weakness as I forced myself up and walked out of my room. "Must find him. Only trust him." I repeat the chant as I sickly make my way around in search of him. A few try to stop me and send me back to my room but before they could touch me I made a shadow dagger appear and sliced their throats as I continued to sway towards my destination. I can sense that he is close as I enter the kitchen area. I finally find him cooking for everyone as he turns his red eyes towards mine. "Go rest." He says in his stern tone but I feel he is worried for my health but he doesn't wish to show it. I walk closer towards him and stand next to him looking up into his eyes. "Only safe with you." Was all I managed to speak softly before sleep took me over again and I started to fall but this time instead of meeting stone I felt light warmth with a slowly heart beat. I tried to cling onto the warmth and not let go.

I wake up feeling restrained and started to panic as I quickly open my eyes to see what was keeping me in place. What I saw in front of me made me calm down and frown lightly with sadness. Cannie was laying down with me in his arms tightly wrapped around my small figure. His sleeping face looked worried and it made me lightly kiss his nose as I slowly pulled my arms around him and snuggled closer into his fierce embrace as sleep over came me for one last time. However this time I slept smiling and ready for a sweet dream given to me and only me.

I wake up alone in the bed and felt lonely and sad. I was just getting out of the bed when the door creaked open and in walked Cannie holding a plate. He looked at me and continued walking towards me. Once he reached me he took the meat off the plate and shoved it in my mouth. "Eat" He commanded as he forced me to swallow it. I looked up at him. "You know it has no flavor." I said to him as he looked me over and content with what he saw he walked out of his room as I followed and acted as I always do regardless if my feelings remain mine and mine only.
Mistress's Sick Day
This is how my OC Mistress acts on the days she becomes Ill.
Alright so back after suuchhhhh a loooooonnng time. I know most have will be like well don;t really know you XD and very very few will be like aww I missed you where have you been. Well I have been here, there and everywhere or have I. XD Well I am back whoop whoop and will try to upload new stuff as much as I can lol. Also made a group for those who are Labyrinth fans and have their very own characters. Its called SparklingLabyinth so please join or at least take a look. I'm back my beautiful people and Im not going anywhere soon. ;)
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I'm 20 and i live in the most unfun place!!! I use to attend POLYTECH high school and i learned the way of art(lol) but anyway i was in visual communications and it got me ready for collage!!! I'm also like most ppl a Manga/Anime Fanatic as you may already know!!!! But yea thats all i can think of right now!!!! If you have any questions just ask and ill try to answer to the best of my ability!!! ^_^

Current Residence: Dover, DE
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Favourite cartoon character: Scooby-Doo And Ikuto
Personal Quote: Yeppers^-^

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